Problem NEC5170-Liggy/Dee 1.12

Got my optiarc5170 a while ago. Its a great burner so far and today I decided to
flash the latest 1.12 firmware from the Liggy/Dee website and the trouble began. My drive is master on the second IDE port, while my Plex716 is master on the first. All hdds are sata. Board is Asus A8N-SLI and all went fine until today.
So hers the story:
Took my 5170 to pio mode and started flashing with Necflash1.38. The flasher says everything is allright, and I rebooted my windows(xp sp2). Started dvdinfo,
and it says Optiarc 5170, FirmwareVers. 1.12, but Nero failed to recognize the nec. trying to go to recorder in nero and the programm hangs(nero6.6.1.15).
The system shows the drive up in Multiword dma2 and not in udma4 as before.
I decided to boot in safemode and trying it again, but with the same result.
Booted into safemode and flashed the original1.12, but this time windows wont start in normal mode. It hangs everytime and try at bootscreen.
Again went into safemode and flshed back to 1.O2 from Liggy/Dee and voila everything is fine. Windows starts as before, no problem with nero, and the drive is in udma4 mode.
So, can anyone tell me whats going on here?