Problem: NEC-3550A and DriveSpeed not working properly




I’m trying to use Nero DriveSpeed v3 to slowup my NEC-3550A for playing DVDs.

My problem is this. If I run DriveSpeed and then exit DriveSpeed it correctly sets the speed and everything is fine. If I use the options to set at startup or if I leave DriveSpeed running the DVD drive does not work ! What I mean is I can put in a DVD but windows does not recognise it as a DVD – properties on explorer shows it as format “RAW” :frowning:

Please help ! The mobo is nvidia 6150/430 based and I have checked I am not using the nvidia drivers for IDE. [they are used for the SATA drive]


  • Dave

BTW Its Windows XP SP2. The firmware on the NEC is 1.05 from NEC themselves.


Found the solution to my own problem.

I had not yet installed any DVD burning software and so had no “wnaspi.dll”. When I copied a version [from Nero] into my system directory DriveSpeed works fine. :slight_smile:

  • Dave