Problem Multiplexing .M2V w/ .MP2

Hey Guys.

I Have a .M2V Movie File that was Encoded with CCE 2.5. It plays fine with no stuttering or anything.

Once I Multiplex with TMPGEnc, it gets jumpy and will sometimes skip 20 seconds at a time. The Sound is All in Sync. But it gets jumpy.

I extracted the audio with BeSweet…

Any Ideas?


TMPGEnc is not a very good Multiplexer at the best of times and pretty crappy for MPEG2 files. Check out MPEG-VCR at


It is Very Crap, Yes.

It was the audio file that BeSweet Encoded that was somehow holding me up. So I used VDub to Extract the .wav and AC3Enc to Encode it. And then Multiplexed with bbMPEG.

Thanks Again for Your Great Guide to “DiVX to DVD” It was really helpful when doing all this