Problem mounting severance: blade of darkness game, Help



i have a probelm, i have the severance.mdf and severance .mds now i generaly want to mount the mds file, so i try with daemon with all the securom and everything enabled, it says invalid image, i try using alcohol 120 with all the securoms the new, regular and x4 x5, i even try different speeds likex4 x1 x5 maximum, it still says me invalid image, i have another folder with the same game but its a different name, i try those too same invalid image, i use clonecd this also doesnt work, can some one tell me step by step i wanna play this game so bad,



any one know? please


Yes buy it.


jay, your no help at all man,

some one please who have done this is need help i get invalid image thing for both alcohol and daemon , wtf is up i tried 2 images from the same game on both PLEASE I BEG HELP IMOUT OF OPTIONS :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: and i dont have money to buy the game not a penny


All the help you need is Here and Here

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