Problem Mounting New Internal HD

I have just added a new additional internal hard drive to my Dell Inspiron 560s system. The only place left to mount it was in an open 5.25" bay below the CD-ROM drive. I found an adapter on amazon which allows you to mount a 3.5" drive in a 5.25" bay and it fit my drive quite well. The only problem is that it is not a snap-in type mount with spring loading on the sides as some hard drive mounts are. It has to be screwed into each side of the chassis. I have the left side of the bracket screwed firmly into the side of the chassis but the right side of the chassis is riveted to the computer case and cannot be removed to allow me to access the right side of the bracket and screw it into the other side of the chassis.

This means that one side of the drive bracket is mounted solidly and securely but the other side of the bracket is just resting on the chassis shelf by gravity only and without any firm mounting. I am wondering if this arrangement is going to cause me any operational problems since one side of the mount could conceivably “bounce” from any kind of vibration and make varying degrees of contact with the chassis (and which may in turn cause strange, intermittent types of electrical problems).

Will this arrangement cause me any problems or will the solid mounting
on one side of the bracket be adequate?

Should be just fine. I’ve had them laying on the floor of the case for years without any issues.


Most of my hard drives and some of my DVD drives are mounted with only one screw because of zero access from the other side. Has never been a problem - unless of course you hit or kick your computer case a lot-eh!!

I’ve actually mounted drives into computer cases with 3M Automotive Emblem mounting tape.

this stuff is a sorta sticky foam rubber, if you’ve ever mounted a set of “vent Shades” on a vehicle you’ve used emblem mounting adhesive tape.

It’s great for mounting an SSD to the bottom of a computer case

I’ve tried some 3M mounting tapes for attaching Hubby to dungeon walls but that doesn’t always work so well. I haven’t tried SSDs-to-cases, though. They probably don’t wiggle half as much, though, and if they do break free, they’re not likely to dash around the house, screaming about missing sideburns or chin-whiskers.

“Why not think of those as racing stripes?”

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Like bigmike7 posted unless you are going to kick 0r roll your computer around on the floor you should be fine.
If you still feel that the drive is still a bit loose on the the one side you could find some plexiglass about the right thickness or glue a few strip together till you get the right thickness & slide them under the loose side. The melting temp of plexiglass is 320° F so if your PC is getting that hot you have other problems.

You might try something like this from Walmart. It is like the two sided foam tape.
but you don’t have to buy a whole roll this way.

Cholla, I’ve used those, too, with a different quality of success. Hubby’s complaints were that I’d turned his hide into a checkerboard. Personally, I thought it looked kinda cute. (“K4 to B6, check!”) And considering how much time it took to grid him off and paste those things onto him, I’d have thought he’d be at least artistically impressed. But nooo, not him! It’s always “me me me” with him - “My injuries” and “My traction” and “What’s left of my body”.