Problem making image

I tried making an image from my Securom 7 DVD like it is described in this thread:

Problem is that I don’t get past point 3. I simply don’t see these options, when I chose the drive containing the disc. Only when my drive is empty I see all the available options. Not that I’m misunderstood: The options are not grayed out, they are simply not there. :confused:

My window looks like this:

I think I’m going to lose it, if I don’t find a solution soon… :sad:

The guide that you refer to is for copying a securom protected cd not a securom protected dvd. The window displayed is what you are supposed to see for a securom protected dvd. Check the Skip reading errors and Data Position Measurement boxes and then set Precision to High. Then you can proceed to make your image.

Thx a lot man, you saved my day. :slight_smile:

One more question: When I want to burn the DVD-Image and check the “Burn RMPS” box, the burning process tells me “Cannot start RMPS process, something has failed”. :doh: Is that OK or not?