Problem Making DVD

This is really making me mad. I’m trying to make a dvd using video files, which I’ve done before, and when the copying starts, It will go for a while, then it just closes. I noticed the “busy” light on my dvd drive is not going off during this buring process. To better explain this, I’m using nero, and browsing video files to copy to a blank dvd so I can watch it on my DVD player, then after awhile,it closes with no error message. I don’t think my disc is even spinning. I would really like it if someone could please help me out with this.

Well I can’t even put pictures on a DVD, after buying the DVD reWriter… so now what? I do NOT want to keep buying stuff… I just want this one to work… can someone help me out here?


Well thanks once again for the help

Ok, wow someone is IMPATIENT!

It sometimes takes days to get a response on these forums, so hold your horses!

We need … uh … more information. I know that sounds corny, right? But you are clearly a bit of a novice in this area. So we need you to tell us EXACTLY what you’re doing.

What kind of drive? What kind of media? Exactly what happens? You’ve said you’re using Nero, so we know that much. Tell us more about your system and your drive and your media and maybe we can be helpful.

And try not to bump the thread more than once a day. Some people get irritated and won’t even stop to help!


Yea more info would be good… I presume that you have just purchased the burner ?? Have you ever put a cd or dvd in the drive since buying it and installing it… has it ever worked.??

I had a similar prob with the LG dvd burner I bought…Some dvd re writers come with bundled software that states that you need to remove any burning sofware on the putor first and then install the bundled software.(in my case Nero) It must somehow activate the burner…

It wouldn’t read anything after I first connected it. I read the fine print on the installation info and presto it worked… I had to uninstall clone and alcohol first though…