Problem making dvd

hello my 1st post

trying to make dvd have joined vobs using vodedit
this part seems ok

next used ifoedit to create ifo files goes through this ok but the when i play dvd using power dvd or burn dvd and try on my settop dvd player it works but only plays the first vob file.

any help out there thanks dermot

problem has been up for 2 hours and no body has posted any suggestions.


Keep complaining about how long it’s taking, and I bet it will take even longer!
We don’t all just sit here and monitor this forum all day long. Most of us work as well. Be patient.

Then fix it using IfoEdit, again.

i have rerun it through ifo a couple of times and still no joy

What did you actually start with? Was it 2 avi files that you created vobs for each one individually & then joined them?

If so then this is the wrong approach. Join the avi files first.

If I’m on the right track then either I or one of the others will take you through this using Virtualdub.

Explained here:

sorry for the delay in getting back to answer questions but i went home and forgot about it.

anyway the files i used were from a sony dvd cam and are in vob format, i started with 8 vobs 250mb to 850mb i first renamed to vts_01_001, vts_01_002…etc then joined using vobedit.

now i have 4 vobs just under 1 gb in size vts_01_1, vts_01_2 etc…

then i used ifoedit to create ifo files seemed to work ok no errors reported

then burned dvd and only plays ist vob only

You can’t just join vobs and then burn them to a dvd and have it play on your standalone dvd player and tv. You need to render the files to dvd format. If you aren’t sure how to do that, start by reading the guides and forums and