Problem making divx

hi everybody! i have a problem making divx. my pc simply stops after 1st pass with both divx 4.12 and 5.01 PRO. i used easydivx 0.80 and 0.81 because it’s simple and i am satisfied of the result.
some time ago i had winME and hadn’t any problems, now i use xp home and i had no problems with this too, since a week ago…
it doesn’t matter which program or codec i use (i can use gordian knot, virtualdub, flaskMPEG as well) i always get this message:
“can’t open log file for reading” after 1st pass.
Please help me!
Thx anyway!!!

try uninstalling and reinstalling your divx codecs, that may help.

If that doesn’t work i would try reinstalling the programs you are trying to encode with.

Also, make sure you have a heap of hard drive space, that helps for me.

I always use vidomi to encode my movies, and it works great

Yep. I always use Vidomi and have never had a problem.