Problem making backup copy movie

I am have problems copying the dvd movie constantine. It gives me the message “not enough space to burn this compilation to this disc” How can I go about copying it? Even copying just the main movie gives me the same message. Are there certain files I can extract? If so, which ones. This is actually the second movie giving me this message. :confused:


A little more info Ade007. Are you just trying to copy the movie staight to a Single Layer DVD? (4.7G) What Process/Applications are you using? Are you Transcoding the movie? etc etc…

Thanks for your reply. Just trying to copy the movie to a Single Layer DVD (4.7G) usiing DVD Shrink first, then tried DVD Encrypter, then DVD Shrink with no luck. That’s all I’ve done. Any ideas?

Not familiar with that movie, but assuming it’s got ARccOS protection, try DVDFabDecrypter. Then try opening the output in DVDShrink. Get it here:

If that fails, try DVDDecrypter again, using this method:

Good luck. :wink:

What Fritzi93 Said. You can also try Any DVD running in the Background. You can get a free trial here:

The link for dvdidle doesn’t work. Is dvdfabdecrypter different from dvd decrypter? What exactly should I do to copy this movie and which files am I extracting if I need to do so?

Iam not an expert on this matter, can someone explain this to me?

In that case go here: Download Any DVD, which runs in the background disabling the protections. Then Download Clone DVD which is quick straightforward and practically one click, which rips and transcodes the movie or the entire disc. You can also use DVD Shrink with Any DVD.

does my problem have anything to do with the size of the files which is almost 6gigs? I have only experienced this problem recently with another movie. All other movies have being fine but I can’t remember the size of the files.

Generally movies like Constantine are well over 4.38G (max of a Single Layer DVD) so Transcoding (compressing) of the movie is required.(which is what DVD Shrink Does) The problem your experiencing may be due to Sony’s ARccOs Protection.

Thanks a lot for the clarification. I’ll try your suggestions