Problem making audio CD from mp3 - URGENT

Don´t ask me why, but when I try to make an audio cd from mp3, I get a small jump on the song, usually at the begining of the song. When you look to the cd player display, the time display is normal, not showing any jump on the song, but you perceive this on the song.
My burner is LG 4165b and the software is the Nero 7.
Anyone has any idea of what´s going on ?
Thanks, Marcelo

Please, substitute jump for skip. There´s a skip on the begining of each track, not jump. Sorry for the mistake.

You have used some wrong settings in the CDDA burn tabs or not used DAO for burning.

Try Burrrn ( It’s a free app which does a great job of burning Audio CDs from quite a variety of formats. It also has very few settings to worry about.

If this works then it’s a problem with Nero 7, which currently I wouldn’t have on my PC as it’s so full of problems.

I had a similar problem that I chaulked up to either my drive or a codec problem.
In the past, I’ve used Nero 6 Ultra and CCD with no problems.
This one time I used Padus DiscJuggler and noticed a click/pop less than a second into the begining of every song and again with less than a second to play on each song. The counter on my player did a jump in time at each point.
There is no click/pop when I play the disc in my home stereo CD player and the timer is constant.
I’m burning *.wav’s not MP3’s.
Does your disc play OK in a home stereo or portable CD player?

I have the same problem wherever I try to play the CD.
What´s this DAO setting, where can I find it ?
I guess that I´ve corrected the problem, substituting the Dll´s from NERO 7 for the ones on this zip file.
The Nero 7 plug in files have problem and when you substitute for these, the skip problem is fixed.
Thank you all very much for the help and also for the fast answer ! :-))
If anyone is having the same problem, please, also take a look on this link:
Thanks again !

You choose the write method (TAO/SAO/DAO) in the burning window.

MP3 is not a gapless format, so there will always be a small gap between tracks when burnt to cd.

Not on (Audio) CD burnt in DAO mode.

No, but if you burn an audio cd from mp3’s, the gaps will still be there.

There’s an interesting thread about this argument:

Gapless Audio CDs - Here’s How

Regards, :slight_smile: