Problem making a VCD

I recently bought a Sony Camcorder. The first time I have used it was over the last few days while we were in New York. Today, I have installed the IMAGE MIXER software onto my PC which went smoothly enough, but when it comes to creating a video CD I keep getting this message:

USB connection failure. Please check the computer settings and mode settings of the device such as a camera.

Sorry but i’m not the most gifted technically so could anyone let me know how to sort this one out.



Make sure you install the driver for the camera. It should be on a CD that came with it.


I have installed the driver for the camcorder still no joy :confused:


Try plugging it into a diff USB port?


whats the model number of your camcorder? Some camcorders have to be setted to VCR mode before you can copy the Video to your hard drive. Is the camcorder DV? If yes then use a firewire lead to connect to your PC since USB connection is rather crap

Good point! The Sony DVcam that I use must be set to memory stick mode before you transfer the photos to the computer.

(The photos transfer via USB and the videos transfer via a separate FW interface.)

Thanks for all your help lads problem now sorted.

I dumped the usb cable bought a firewire on your recommendations :bow: , plugged that in and it booted up straight away :smiley:

Just wipped a copy off no problems at all, well apart for the dodgy camera work !