Problem making a Image

I’am not sure if this should be here or in the recording software section ?

but i dont think its the software problem so i will post here.

let me start by saying i have Lite On SOHW-812S with DR8USON Firmware .

Ive tried making images of a DVD PS2 games using dvd decryptor , nero and alcohol 120 % all with same results after a certain percentage i start getting read errors and then it will stop copying all togther then read goes down to 0 and evertually and get error that it cant make image .

i can copy and burn dvd movie just i can also burn a PS2 image that i did not create .

my ques is not how to copy a PS2 game, ive done enough reading and i know that what i am doing should be working .

my ques is is there any tweaks i can do to my liteon that would make it perform better , i read about kprobe and omnipatcher but those seem to be for speeding up liteon which is not something i am worried about .

Just a lil more info .
So far i have not been able to create a image of a PS2 Oringinal DVD or a PS2 DVD backup burned on a Verbatim Disk also was not able to copy a DVD/SVCD that i had created myself and burned myself.

thanks advance and mods go ahead and move me if i’am in the wrong section .