Problem making a copy from a copy

I just tried to make a copy of my copy of Frans Bauer Live in Ahoy 2001 (No not for myself , for my parents :wink: )

I used Dvd Decrypter to copy it to my HD and then used Prassi PrimoDVD to burn it onto DVD-R.

Everything looked fine but when watching it the last ten minutes were unwatchable (it kept hanging on chapther 26 (of 28) ) , and I then checked it in my PC’s DVD-Rom drive , which showed no errors what so ever.

I guessed I might have something wrong and tried it again , I started up PrimoDVD and selected Data Disc and copied the AUDIO_TS AND THE VIDEO_TS folders to it , afterwards I tested the disc and now it kept hanging on chapther 27 (of 28).

This being the first copy of a copy disc I wonder what the hell I did wrong , is it :

  • Unable to make a copy of a copied dvd
  • A Prassi PrimoDVD error
  • Something else , but what

Any help would be appreciated on this subject.
Thanks in advance.

Just copy the dvd with nero or somthing.

You don’t need DVD Decryptor to copy a copied disk, as the deprotection etc. has already taken place.

As said above, just use Nero to copy disk or equivalent feature in prassi

From what you say, it sounds more like a media problem though. Try again using a better quality dvdr.

just used the software that came with your burner if it is record now, just use the exact copy wizard

ps did you check for finger prints on the edge of the disc you copy from, and what make of disc are you useing as this can make alot of difference in the results you get

(as others stated) there is no need to use DVD Decrypt, the movie has been previously decrypted.

If you have changed the media type you are burning to try reducing the size of the dvd by making another pass with dvd2one and lowering the projected size, this helps on some media/ players. sometimes players/media dont like reading the outter ring of the media.

Use Ritek media. That should fix your problem.

Will try that later this week (out of DVD-R’s at the moment ,because I just burned Goldeneye , TWINE and xXx :wink: ) .

But I assure you it’s no media problem (Using Nasua DVD-R , and have never had any problems before (and have burned over 60 dvds))

BTW Does it take longer for a movie yo becopied on the fly (usually it takes about 27 mins (at 2speed)