Problem: LTR-32123S & memorex CDRW

I have a Liteon LTR-32123S drive with the latest firmware (XS0X). I’ve been using a Memorex CDRW for the past 2 months, formatting it serveral times. Now all of a sudden when I try to format it (quick or full) in various programs (nero, discjuggler, etc) the drive keeps spinning the disk up and back down and does not format it. Even though I can format another Memorex CDRW just fine. The CDRW that the LiteOn spins up and down will format just fine in my plextor 16x. There doesn’t seem to be any scratches on the bottom of the CDRW. Any suggestions? I’ve already tried cleaning the the liteon with an optical cleaner.

CDRW are by nature unreliable. Try a full erase on the disc, but it may just be toast. Also get a better quality RW disc, those are not noted for reliability. The Maxell RW’s are usually Mitsubishi, they’ve been fairly reliable for me.

Yes Verbatim (mitsubishi) CD-RW’s seems to be some of the best…

Memorex is…varying…sometimes they are really crappy.

Same here. I trust my data only to the Verbatim and Ricoh 10Xs now, the Acer and Memorex CD-RWs have only caused me problems.