Problem Loading .avi's in NeroVision Express 3

Hi. I use NeroVision Express 3 to burns .avi’s to DVD, and it has suddenly stopped recognizing the files. I go to “Add Video Files” and select the file, and I get the following error message:

“Unable to insert F:\TV Shows\episode 1.avi”

It started happening about a week ago. Around the same time, I uninstalled a bunch of stuff on my computer, so it’s possible I messed up a .dll or a codec. It works with some files, but not others. I have the DivX codec installed.

Any ideas?

Use Gspot or Avicodec to identify just what codec is used by the file. It could perhaps be a missing audio codec but those 2 apps will help determine that.

Thanks. I download Gspot and it says I have the codec installed (XviD 1.1.0 Final). Any ideas where to go from here?

What about the audio?

“0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3” It says codec installed for that, too.

The following were highlighted as a problem in the list of codecs in Gspot. Think they might have anything to do with it?

DSH YV12 Nero Digital AVC Video Enc {426F6A6F-FEF8-4A5B-8DDC-099E7499EF50} 0x00200000 ** File Missing:

DSH Audio dicas MPEG-4 Audio Decoder {A42797B3-2C32-42FE-8E2A-85547156B24B} 0x00200001 ** File Missing: C:\Program Files\mpegable\DS\

DSH Audio dicas AMR Audio Decoder {12006AE9-D32E-4CAE-9D50-438C02C3188F} 0x00200001 ** File Missing: C:\Program Files\mpegable\DS\

DSH Video dicas MPEG-4 Video Decoder {492680E4-9A8F-4CC7-910B-AEB998286F84} 0x00200001 ** File Missing: C:\Program Files\mpegable\DS\

DSH MPEG1Packet Fraunhofer Video Decoder {9BC1B781-85E3-11D2-98D0-0080C84E9C39} 0x005ff000 ** File Missing: C:\Program Files\AvantDVDPlayer\setup\

DSH DOLBY_AC3 Fraunhofer Audio Decoder {9BC1B780-85E3-11D2-98D0-0080C84E9C39} 0x00601000 ** File Missing: C:\Program Files\AvantDVDPlayer\setup\

You might need to uninstall Nero and reinstall. I think that would be the first thing I’d do.

hey guys,
I had the same problem but i couldn’t even play the avi. video files. yesterday i was trying to find a program to play them with and i found a codec pack that really works.Go to and click on the first mirror to download it.

after you install it when you go to play the avi. video it should have a different icon. it has 321 on a clapper board. and when you play the video it opens with Media Player Classic HomeCinema. Now try inserting the avi. file to nero again it should work.

hope it helps ~ worked for me ~