Problem LiteOn SOHW-1633S (don't read dvd disks)

LiteOn SOHW-1633S firmware BS41 don’t read DVD disks (WinXP SP2, ASPI 4.60, Nero CD’s: read and write is ok. Is my device is broken? Help or advice is needed!

I don’t understand – your infotool report says that it READS AND WRITES DVD media. Is it supposed to do that and not doing it?

Thats right. When I put in the DVD disk - nothing happens: some sound from device for 30 sec (looks like trying to read), then “no media in drive…”.

Having a similar problem with my SOHW-1633s. Only reads original shop bought DVD’s, have tried various types of media, upgraded f/ware to BSOS, checked for UDMA. Tried the writer in another PC and its OK??

Tried almost everything… Looks like this is dvd laser problems.
Solution: back to the shop… :frowning:

i had the same problem with my drive before. It’s really picky about which pressed dvd it will read. Replace the drive

I got new 1673S for my broken 1633 from the shop.