Problem: Liteon 1633S with choppy CD/DVD audio

thanks to anyone who might offer some direction with this one:

Sony PCV-RZ22G
P4, 2.4 GHz, 512 MB ram
Win XP (SP2)
Lite-on 1633S DVD/RW
Samsung SC-140C CD drive
eMagic EMI 2/6 multi-channel sound card

just installed the Liteon 1633S on my system…burns perfectly, but reads CDs and DVDs with choppy audio. video playback on DVDs is fine, but the audio cuts in and out.

have audio running out with SPDIF to a 5.1 Pioneer receiver. all audio files and DVD backups stored on hard drive play fine, as well as CDs played in Samsung drive, so it shouldn’t be the computer’s output or receiver’s decoding.

having looked at previous posts, seems master/slave IDE interface may be in conflict, but I have already checked these.

any have similar problems or ideas on what could be wrong here? thanks again.

ignore the post:

removed all hardware, IDE controller – player works perfectly.