Problem launching "The Sims 2"

Hi, I’ve recently downloaded MDS files for the 4 “The Sims 2” CDs from a torrent and I burnt them all in CDs. I managed to successfully install the program, but I seem to have a problem launching the game.

When I try to launch it, i get an error saying that it cant locate the disk and that I need to reinsert the disk and relaunch Sims. I repeated this many times with CD1 and tried with the other CDs too, but it doesnt work.

I first thought that it might be because I had Alcohol installed, or because I have a Windows Vista, but I tried launching it on my other computer (Windows XP without Alcohol 120%) and I have the same problem.

Can somebody help me??
Thanks a lot :smiley:

Perhaps you should buy the original instead.

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