Problem just started!



For a year now, I would burn a dvd movie from my pc onto a dvd-rw, then play it on my dvd player/recorder. Afterwards I would erase the movie with my pc using incd 5 from nero. I was able to put erased disc into dvd player/recorder, and use it to record tv shows.

Now, if I erase a disc on pc, I put it in dvd player/recoder it does not recognize it, it ejects from machine. By the way the dvd player/recorder would never erase a disc that was burnt from my pc, that’s why I used incd 5 to erase disc. However after erasing on my pc, they always worked on my player/recorder. Nothing has changed with my pc, and dvd player/recorder, as far as settings are concerned.

How do I find the fix for this problem, nero and incd 5 works fine, no crashes or anything???


As far as I know inCD is packet writing software.
Why do not you try Erase option and use Full Erase (about 30 min).
Since it is RW disc, there is always possibility that the disc is done.
RW can be erased only so many times before it become useless.


I tried that already, no difference, and I can still burn onto the disc with my pc, wich means the disc is not done yet.

Thank you for your reply.


If you use a new disc, does it make any difference?


Even with a new disc, if I erase it with nero, dvd player/recorder won’t recognize it.


Does you player see new disc before Erase?