Problem joining 2 sided dvd

I have several movies that have the movie continue onto side 2 of the dvd… I have followed posts that show how to join the two sided together, then use dvd2one to shrink it…

This worked for everything so far, but now i have a problem!!

I have a dvd movie, that continues on both sides. The VTS .vob files are #1 thru #5…on both sides!! So, with both sides, the total .VOB files for the same title is 10…

I realize that only up to 9 is used for the correct structure, so what do I do???

I can’t cut anything from the .vob files, as they have everything i need… The last .vob file has movie and credits…

Please help…


Why not run each side through Dvd2one first (output size 2100mb), to reduce the number of vob files, rename them VTS_01, VTS_02, put the vobs together in the same folder and then run them through IfoEdit to create new ifos and get vts sectors.

10 vobs does makes part of the process an issue (IFOEdit ?).

I recently used SirScrubs excellent compendium:
to do an extended DWWolves, and hit that problem.
The guide calls for pre-processing anyhoo, so I compressed A from 6,200 to 4400, then equally B from it’s more conservative 5,100 to a setting of 3450 (to keep the compressions proportionate and reduce B to under 5 vobs after using ChopperXP to cut most of the credits).

I have only done 2 different movies where I have had to combine the VOBs…Pearl Harbor and LOTR Extended.

As Ioggy said, you have to process the disks anyway before you combine them.

I may have just been lucky with those two, but after processing, the last VOB files turn out to be all credits (without even changing the final output size). I just delete the last VOB file from the second disk which then gives you the 9 max VOB files for use in ifoedit. (as an added bonus, I explain how to take Chopper XP and dump the remaining credits that are on the fourth VOB of disk 2)

Obviously, you would need to check the files to make sure that last VOB file is all credits (The guide explains that).

If there is still part of the movie on the last VOB file of the second disk after running it through DVD2One, then his idea of increasing the compression (by lowering the output size) seems to make sense.

Hey–there’s the Man hisself…!
Couple comments (on point, and just cuz you’re here…).
I knew I’d read (where?) that 10 or more vobs interfered with some process involved…[ifoedit, I think]. So the equal percentage compression of B as A made sense for DWWolves, and let me kill a vob. However, a lot of 9 or less vob flippers would be skewed by strict following of the guide if A was run through default movie-only/4472 D2O processing and then a lesser B was, too (cumulating in A ending with more overall compression). Some mention of same might be worth including in your guide. Another work-around (if vob-count not an issue) would be to just bump the default 4472 to 8000 or so–thus no compression until final processing. Also (ultimately), some tips for whether Constant/Variable is best used for one or other processing (or both processings).
Some others posting here and elsewhere have been touting simple renaming of B vobs–no JoinClips, no tie regards vob# from last in A, etc. Your guide covers these ‘bases’, and illustrates them best of any others I’ve seen (nice job)–so I’ve been steering peeps to it when I see too-casual processes like just described.
I usually just rip needed (highlighted) stuff with DVDD–and haven’t yet found the actual ‘need’ to rip whole disks. I did find that ChopperXP won’t work well unless the ifo/bup’s are present in folder (as in after the initial D2O processing). Another example for this ‘pre-processing’ to remain as a step was PelicanBrief (which I did last night–and which had weird structure). When I first examined ripped vob’s, the last one from A had Previews of other stuff thrown-in at the end (as did B’s last vob). I was concerned about cutting this before processing (and found I couldn’t with XPChopper…per above). However, I noticed a run-through in D2O cut this automatically, so no sweat.
Thanks again for your efforts, and your hosting of those guides/links. They helped me a lot!

Howdy! Thanks for all the kind comments.

This might be a little long…sorry

First a little background and then I’ll speak more on some of your ideas…

I’ve had for quite a while just sitting there with nothing on it…I just registered it because that is the nick I use all over the place. When I got into making DVD backups and saw how hard it was to find any one spot with enough info for a total newbie to get started (that was fairly easy to follow) I thought to myself that I could do that…DVD2One is pretty easy to use, but so many people have problems with DVD Decrypter (It’s called File Mode folks <BG>) and all sorts of little “gotchas” that seem to get left out of guides. What really made my mind up was doing Pearl Harbor. When I didn’t really know what I was doing (not that I know now) I tried to make a copy and would up with the second part of the movie having directors commentary. I left the movie sitting by my desk for several months and then one day decided to go look for a guide. I found some good tips, but they were spread all over the place and I had to take a lot of info and combine it to come up with enough of an idea that I thought I could do it…anyway, I figured it out, made that first post on how I did it and then started putting the website together…

It didn’t take too long to figure out why so many guides leave out a lot of stuff. It’s rather difficult to make a guide that is so complete that it shows every single step. You start thinking that you are wasting time and effort because you are explaining steps that are so basic (like making a new folder for heavens sake) but there are people that are trying to make backups that just don’t know enough about the basics. Making folders, making shortcuts, unzipping files and not knowing where they are going, not being able to see file extensions because they are hidden…

Anyway, I think I did ok…it’s not perfect, but I’m trying! : )

Now, on to some of your comments…

I must admit that you are thinking beyond the scope of my intended audience. : ) Good job!

You mentioned not needing to rip the entire disk like my guide says to do…I know that is not necessary, in fact I don’t, but for the guide, I just decided to say it and move on, it was just easier that way (know what I mean?)

Now about that skewed compression…that’s some fine thinking there. I’d never thought about that before. There are a few things I’ve thought about adding to the LOTR guide. The max VOB limit is one. I knew about the limit, I just didn’t make it clear that if you don’t chop off those credits, you would be hosed when it came time to use IFOEdit. I think the Pearl Harbor guide calls those steps optional which I definatly need to change. So your idea about increasing the compression to change the output is a nice caveat to add to the guide. Not having done any other disks that needed that process, I didn’t know for sure if explaining something like that would be necessary.

Speaking of compression…you know…I’ve started thinking that much of the worry about compression is over blown. After having seen LOTR and PH cranked down to one disk and seeing the results, I’m just not that worried about it anymore. Still and all, I think it’s the idea of one part of the movie having more compression that bothers us more than it is anything else, know what I mean? I think your suggestions have merit and I’ll add them to the guide, maybe as footnotes so as not to get the newbies worrying too much about it and giving the more adventurous an opportunity to try it out.

And then you had to bring up Constant/variable didn’t you? <BG>
When I first saw that in the new version, I thought, oh crap…I know I going to have to wind up talking about that. I thought I’d give it some time and see what others were saying…and just like it was first stated, try them both and see if there is a difference, that still stands as far as I know. So, I’ve been thinking about adding that to the site…hey, in the new version of DVD2One, there is constant and variable, you’ll have to try them both out and see if there is a difference…it might make a difference, it might not…You must realize that I have been resisting the urge to remake LOTR and PH using constant bitrate. The both look great to me the way I first made them. Still, the idea that they might look better just haunts me. : )

Now about Chopper XP and the Pre-Processing. I learned my lesson about that using VOBEdit on Pearl Harbor. I tried chopping out the credits on PH before I processed with DVD2One and tried to take out that first few seconds of blank video that is in the beginning of PH…found out that DVD2One wouldn’t work if I messed with the VOB files. After wasting all that time, I discoved that after DVD2One does it’s thing, the blank video is gone and the new VOB files are arranged such that the last VOB file is all credits. That made it so much easier to work on and that is why I wrote to process the files first, then chop the credits.

It’s cool that you took the time to experiment with different processes. That’s the way to learn! Thanks again for the nice words and the great suggestions. I’ll be adding some content to the site in the next few days and I’ll add your suggestions as well. One of the things I am going to add is a quick “how to” on creating a “Decrypt with DVD Decrypter” handler to the auto play function of XP. Not that it is hard to do, but don’t forget about my “target audience” : )

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Thanks again!

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of help, perhaps, is AnyDvd 1.4+ working so well with D2O-1.2.2…try it yet? Great fun…:smiley: