Problem installing update



I new here and was wondering if someone could answer a question about
CloneDVD. I installed the update over my working and legal copy of CloneDVD and now I have two working copies on my computer. I thought I read that you could install the update over any working one on your computer. Should I just delete both of them and put the update on computer and instal the key? Or can I just delete one of the copies???

AnyDVD update went in alright with it just over the older version.

Any answers will be appreciated.

Thank you,



You’ve rebooted your system after updating?
Otherwise you can reinstall it but save your keys before.


Thank you for responding,
Did reboot but had to uninstal.

Just did another instal for today and it went in beautifully. Just the way it should.
Yesterday the instal must have been a fluke. Everything is working okay now.

These products from Slysoft are the best. Well worth the money if you do a lot of DVD’s.



Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:
Glad to here your problems are resolved, and would like to say thankyou for coming back and saying so.
Many people will post a problem asking for help, but don’t respond back when a solution has been found. This leaves everyone scratching their heads and wondering.