Problem installing NVE30114



I tried upgrading my copy of NeroVision Express today, to NVE30114. I had NVE3014, the previous version. When I updated, something weird happened to Nero Recode. I no longer have the two options to recode into Nero Digital format.

I deleted everything and cleaned out the Ahead entries in the registry. Installed the newest Nero 6.6 and tried NeroVision Express again—same result.

If I go back to the previous version, I have the Nero Digital options again. Did I just download a corrupted copy of the file? Anyone else seen this?


Yeap, The same problem arrives on my machine
Very frustrating


I had problems with also. All the movies I Recoded with this release of Recode took much much longer to Recode and were junk. I was Backing up complete DVDs to image files and none of them worked. And ROM6.6.0.3 would not even burn them. I am back to the last version and I am much happier.


I have problems too - the new NVE is just stupid … what you have to do is uninstall everything (de-register Nero Burning Rom first) and then install Nero burning rom and then NVE without entering registration code. If you register Nero burning rom first before installing NVE, then you’ll lose the 2 options to convert DVD/Videos to Nero Digital.


Thanks for the information rayray. That solved my problem.