Problem installing new dvdr drive

i not even in the vicinity of being a computer expert, so it’s probably something really basic that i’m doing wrong, but i’m at the end of my tether and any help would be greatly appreciated!

i have a samsung CDRW/DVD SM-332B drive on my comp, which i have had no problems with. yesterday someone bought me a pioneer FDV-RW DVR-105 and i’m having huge probs with it.

after installing it, both drives dissappear off device manager, after searching for new hardware all i can find is the new pioneer drive, the samsung one is nowhere to be found. and then after restarting my comp, both drives dissappear again. when i click on the new pioneer drive on my computer (just after instaling hardware before restarting the computer when it dissappears again) and select ‘eject’ BOTH drives open???

if i disconnect the pioneer drive, my samsung drive appears and works fine!

((windows xp))

any ideas?? as i said, it’s probably (or hopefully) something really simple that i am doing wrong, but i have no idea what!

thanks again


Jumper problem.

Take out both drives, look in the back and change both their jumpers to Cable Select (CS). If both drives are sharing one IDE cable on Secondary IDE socket, put the Samsung in the middle of the cable and Pioneer at the end.

thanks :smiley: i’ll try that and let you know how it goes.


just popped to let you know that i did what you suggested and everythings fine now :smiley: both drives are working perfectly!

can’t believe it was something so simple! (guess that’s why you would call me a novice eh?!)

thanks again :bow:


CS is your friend.:bigsmile: