Problem installing Nero showtime

I dont know if this is a Nero problem.

I bought a Sony Dru700 and wish to install Nero Showtime from the disk. It won’t install because it needs DirectX 9.

I open the directX folder on the disk and try and install DirectX 9 from the disk. It stops on “Joystick.inf” and says that there is a file missing. I have been through the windows query function and did what they say and reinstalled “joystick.inf”

It does not tell me that it is missing this file it just says that a file is missing, I have assumed that it is “joystick.inf” because that is where the progress bar stops!

I am running Windows 98SE

Are you trying to install directx 9.0b from

Yes, I have downloaded the update and tried to install it as well as connecting via the update site. It gets to the same point in both cases

Thanks MikeKoo

No problem. Did it work?

Your reading of the problem was correct.

Those instructions were for ME. I did a search on the 98 support and came up with the solution.