Problem installing Nero 6.6 Ultra

To anyone that can help, I appreciate your help. I just bought the upgrade and am trying to follow the instructions to download my new version. I was sent a serial number and instructions on how to access the page to enter the serial number and I can’t find it. I have spent over two hours trying different searches and still nothing. Every time I click on the “upper left logo” it just goes back to the main page. Please help. Thanks

looking for this?

That was the page to enter my previous version’s serial number but thanks anyway.

Just go and download the files you want and then run Nero after it is installed and it should then ask you for a serial number.

And from then on you can download the updates and it will keep the serial number intact.

You can just download the trial version and then enter the S/N manually if the web site is giving you grief. It is no longer a trial version once you enter your valid S/N I believe.

EDIT: What dsdarli said.:slight_smile: