Problem installing NEC-ND2500A

I just bought one of these dvd burners and im having problems getitng it installed.
I took out my cd burner and put the new one in the same spot with the same plugs (the long one and another one with four holes…power?) When I start my computer now… I nothing shows up for the drive. Also, my primary drive isn’t showing up anymore…which i didn’t touch.
I am running XP Prof.
Any suggestions/solutions?


You have the new drive jumpered wrong. The NEC usually comes with the jumper in slave position, so you probably have both drives on the cable jumpered as slave instead of master and slave.

Set the NEC as master and the other drive as slave. (assuming they are both on the same cable.)

How do I set my drive as master/slave?
Thanks for ur help

Originally posted by brlanrob
How do I set my drive as master/slave?
Thanks for ur help

On the back of your drive, there are several connectors for data, power and audio. Left of the data connector (the 40 pin socket where you put in the big gray cable, see here for a picture) there are 3 sets of 2 pins. One of those set of pins is short circuited by a jumper (a black “hat”).

To set the drive to master, put the jumper on the most right pair of pins (like shown on the picture in our review). It should work ok now!

I am pretty sure everything is where it’s supposed to be… but it’s not showing anything on the comp.
I tried the drive as master by itself and still nothing.
I have heard that it might be the ribbon cable, do you think i should try to replace it?
or could i do something else?


Of course it could be the ribbon cable. You can try to hook up your NEC to the cable your harddrive is attached to (for the best, put it as only drive on the cable and jumper it as master). Power up your system and see if it’s detected. Of course, your system won’t boot anymore (until you re-attach the harddisk).