Problem installing NEC-7170A

Hi Everyone,

Well, I just received my NEC-7170A DVD Burner from Newegg. It was an OEM product so no software included. I have a DELL 8400 desktop. The problem I am experiencing is that once I install the NEC and turn on the computer, it tells me that I’m missing driver 5. I understand since I removed my Phillips Dvd Burner that came with my Dell. At this point I don’t know what I should do? I was told this was a plug and play since I already have Clone DVD and Anydvd.

Do I need to download a new driver? If so where do I get it? I tried looking for it and am unsuccessful. Newegg was no help at all since they do not have a tech department.

Thanks for all your help!


check that the little jumper on back of drive is set the same way as on the drive you removed. (Phillips) There will be 3 settings, Master, Slave and Cable select (M,S,CS)


Thanks for the info. I checked it out but the NEC Burner does not have any switch on the back of it. All it has is the pins for a connector. However, my Dell doesnt even us that connector. It only uses the I/O BUS and the Power supply connector.

Do I still need to drownload a NEC Driver? I went to the website and didnt find one for my burner. :confused:


You see the little pin (ABOVE HERE) on second set of plugs from left, thats the jumper.

Thats the one you have to match with what the Dell Phillips have.

No you dont need a NEC driver, it will use a standard windows driver


Thanks I actually found it. I was able to get it to work partially. The drivers work but for some reason it doesnt read the dvd or cd now. I think I’m going to return it and try another burner. Thanks again for your help.


Did you make sure jumper was right, different drives have different positions for same setting. Make sure if Phillips was say…M(aster) that new drive is set to M(aster) too.