Problem installing LG GSA 4163B



I’m trying to install the 4163B dvd-rw using usb to ide cable to my laptop.
I’m under winXP bur the computer recognizes 3 elements -

  1. usb to ide.
  2. usb mass storage.
  3. cd rom.
    the cd rom itself can’t read nothing.
    No DVD-RW is recognized.
    What can I do? I can’t find any updated driver.
    Please HELP ! :sad:


what about finding the driver in the cable manufacturer site?
anyway if i were you and had a laptop i would get an external drive much easier to install


Hi :slight_smile:
When using USB Windows XP will see this ( 4163b ) as a mass storage device


in that case, how do i burn? i’m using nero6 which doesn’t recognize a burner device?!


Try 1394 if it makes a difference. Try installing via USB again.