Problem installing HD

Ok guys so my motherboard is not compatible with SATA so I got a SATA PCI Card and a WD 200 GB SATA HD.

I have installed the HD onto my PC and the PCI Card. I have the power going into the HD and the SATA cable from my HD to the PCI Card.

All seems to be ok, it is even listed in device manager as a Disk Drive and I installed the driver for the PCI Card. Also installed drivers for the HD and now under SATAlink the HD is also registered.

But how do I make it appear in my computer under Hard Disk Drives? :confused:

Sorry if this is a n00b question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you go into Administrative tools. computer management, disk management and partition and format the drive?

Cheers, I thought I’d have to re-format it but didn’t couldn’t see it anywhere I selected it. :slight_smile:

So, did that solve the problem?

Yes it did mate thanks. Formatting at the moment.

But it says it is 111.79 GB and it should be 200. Don’t tell me the n00b at the store gave me the wrong one!

Sound more like a 120 GB drive. Have you run EnableBigLBA?

I ran it and it said I passed but I have XP SP2 and I don’t need to do anything.

I think it must be the wrong drive as the model number of the drive indicates it as a 120 GB drive and on my reciept it should be a 200 GB one.

God damnit.

Problem fixed. I took it back down there and they replaced it. Formatting this one now! :slight_smile: