Problem installing drivers

I recently install XP home on a separate partition and have had a problem getting the drivers installed for the dial up modem. The install wizard will announce that it has found new hard ware, I proceed with the instructions to insert the CD for the drivers, but it will tell me that the installation couldn’t be completed because it could not find the drivers. This is a US Robotics 56k PCI modem.

my computer
>the cd/dvd driver
>double click
it should fire up
just follow the wizard or let it do its thing.

I was just trying to get the drivers installed and I think I finally succeeded, but the modem failed when I tried to go on line, I went to the control panel and modems and I found the following message. “The modem failed to respond. Make sure it si properly connected, [B]verify the interrupt for the port is properly set[/B]”.

I’m using W2k Pro on my other partition and have no problems with it, I am online using it now. What does the “verify the interrupt for the port is properly set” mean?

I would use Google, keywords would be that error.

I did google it, unlike others I do try to find this information for myself, there wasn’t anything that I found that was pertinent to my application.

This just gets better, now it’s telling me that the file mdmxsdk.dll on windows driver cabinet is needed. Goodle doesn’t have anything to help here either.

US Robotics 56k PCI modem what is the model number on the modem? try google by model number and xp

The model is a 5670

instead of doing the automatic installation do the “install from a list or specific location” hit next then Have disk put a tick in the check box next to do not search i will choose driver to install navigate to the drivers on the cd press ok, next if a box pops up press continue anyway

Dial up Modem,what is that? LOL!!just kiddin…not sure why your installation cd wouldn’t load it…But you can search the net for a driver for the Robotic… :slight_smile:

I got it sorted, I called US Robitics which was a very pleasant surprise as the menu was easy and I wound up speaking with a tech in less than two minutes. The tech had me reinstall the modem selecting the drivers location as I had been, but he had me go to the 2000_XP file and used that to down load the drivers, what ever it was solved the problem. This guy was in the Caribbeans and his accent was so heavy it was hard to communicate with him, I gave up on trying to get an explanation of what this specific file contained. The bottom line is I’m online using XP now.