Problem installing CD RW on a promise controller card

Here is what I’m trying to do: I want to install a new Sony CRX 220 CD RW on my Promise Ultra 133 TX2 controller card,
on it I already have installed,
a WD 60 Hdd (unjumped) on Chanel 1 and this drive is working.
But when I tried to install the CD burner jumped to CS, on Chanel 2 it did not install or recognize the drive,
so I tried unjumped and it is recognized and Windows see it in DM as working fine,
but it isn’t working at all, it won’t read or write,
I can’t use the SL jumper 'cause on this box I already have two CD roms installed,
one as master and the other as slave, on the mobo IDE.
( I’ve tested this drive on my spare Rig and it’s working fine)
I don’t quite understand the full functionality of this type of card,
and how it relate to the onboard controller,
is it an extension, a addition to,
and if so, how does one jump a drive that one want to install on the promise card,
if on the onboard controller already have two drives one jumped as master and one as slave ?
and if you’re curious about why do I want to install a additional CD burner here is the reason of why: First because the Sony DVD burner is being used a lot,
so as to save the drive from breaking down too soon ,
the second it was setting in a drawer,
third with Nero 6 ultra I can burn 2 disc’s at the same time, if I want to.Thx

Asus A7N8X De LUXE-V2
AMD ATHLON XP 2600+ 208 FSB 333
GRAPHIC -ATI RADEON 9700\9500- 128 MB
HDD- WESTERN DIGITAL 40 GB 2MB CASHE Installed and Working
HDD- WESTERN DIGITAL 60 GB 2MB CASHE (installed on the controller card and working)
HDD- WESTERN DIGITAL 80 GB 8MB CASHE installed and working
SONY DRU510A DVD BURNER installed and working
SONY CRX 220E CD R-RW Instlled on the controller card and it isn’t working
SONY DDU1621 DVD READER installed and working

Optical drives don’t play nice when connected to PCI controllers. I’d start by changing all the jumpers on your drives (HD and optical) to cable select, connect all the HDs to the PCI controller, connect all opticals to the mobo controller.

Does SONY CRX 220E work if connected to the mobo controller?

Stoner the answer is yes, this drive has never been used, I’ve tested it on my other rig, and on this new built, and I’ve tried all the combination possible for all the drives and none worked,but it will work just fine for HDD data only, but atapi the like of cd r-rw DVD drives no luck, this thing is really funky tho, for instance, I’ve hooked up my master HDD with w2k on C:, and wxp on D:, it will boot w2k, but not wxp,It will get as far as the screen with the tracker, the process tracker goes on and on, but no desktop. I installed my wd 60 gb data jumped to cs (no os)and it works ok, and as far as connecting drive the way you suggest, the 18 inch ribbon cable won’t do the job, it’s too short, and I would have to spend more $$$$$$ for longer cables So the rule of thumb is Primary Hard Drive (the one with the operating system on it) is always set up as master on the Primary IDE. The CD-RW or DVD-RW is always set as master on the secondary IDE. You never really want two hard drives on the same IDE channel. This means if you got two hard drives one is on the Primary IDE Chain and One is on the Secondary IDE Chain. If you have three hard drives… The biggest (Not the Primary Drive) drive I always put on the Secondary Ide Chain, of course I haven’t set it up this way yet 'cause of the cables length

As far as I know Raid controllers do not like optical drives and they let you know by not working

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Connect one of the 2 hard drives currently on your regular IDE channels to the IDE controller (whichever one is not your primary boot drive) - this way, you’ll be able to then connect the Sony to its spot.

  2. Get yourself a CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo drive if you want to save your DVD Burner & replace the DVD-ROM (Sony DDU1621) currently on your board’s IDE controller. This way you’ll be able to use it to do any DVD rips or reads & any CD burning & preserve your DRU-510a for burning DVDs only.

BTW, you must love Sony!!

What chipset does the controller card use?

Few opticals on controller cards play nice, check the first Read Me thread…

Thx guys I’ve tried several configuration on the jumper,
but none works for the optical drive,
the suggestion proposed by Agent 007 is a good one,
but there is a limitation on the length of my current IDE ribbon (the 18 inch is too short)
of course the solution is to buy a 24 inch cable,
and I’m sure it would do the job…