Problem installing a new NEC ND6100 Slim 8x DVD +/-RW Dual-LAYER Burner in my laptop

hi every one,

I bought a new NEC ND6100 Slim 8x DVD +/-RW Dual-LAYER Burner to intall it in my qosmio G15. insted of the last one. my windows couldn’t recognize it and when i tryed to get into the bios i couldn’t get to update it from there. and now i start gettin an IDE#1 erorr, I put back my old driver and it’s working fine with me exept that it dosent play or copy CD’s, only DVD’s. any way is some one can help me with this problem I will really apreciated.


Read what I posted in this thread.

You’ll probably need to do the same thing but you might be able to just use the DOS Reverse-ATA flasher (converts your master bootcode+firmware to a slave bootcode+firmware) if you can remove your hard drive and boot to a DOS floppy. After doing this, then you probably want the latest slave firmware which is the 403D (click on the writing strategies link).

BTW, why did you just buy a new ND-6100? These are not very good compared to the ND-6650 or the latest that I was able to purchase…the ND-6750.

This is the thing, I’m not really good with Laptops. I can put a Desktop together in seconds. and I don’t really have information about the Brands. but anyway, thanx I will do what you told me.

ok now am trying to use it as an external device but it wont burn or read CD’s. it’s only working with DVD’s and origional CD’s… plz help

Did you update the firmware? If you’re still using the original master firmware, then try the 203D. If you’ve converted the drive to slave with the slave bootcode flasher, then firmware 403D is the latest.

What brand of CD-R(W) are you trying?

The 6100 can be no “DUAL LAYER -R/+R Burner”.
The 6500 is.