Problem installing a dvd burner

I tried to install a Pioneer DVR-A05 Dvd Writer. I was told to just unplug my existing dvd drive and install it. So I did and windows did not recognize it. I went to the Pioneer support site and downloaded teh latest “firmware” whatever that is for that specific model.

I restarted my PC and got this message in the infamous bluescreen:


So i freaked out and tried to reboot in Safe Mode and I was taken right back to the blue screen with that same message. I then unhooked the Pioneer Writer and tried to reboot in Safe Mode, no luck there, then I tried hooking the original dvd drive up and no lcuk there either. On top of that it now just goes through an edless mess of restarting, right after the Windows XP boot screen a blue screen flickers and the comp restarts,

I have no clue as to what to do.

You can reach me on AIM- SilentDob311 and MSN-

*bump, i need HELP

Did you check that the slave/master jumper on back of new dvd-writer was set same as the drive you replaced it with?