Problem in transcoding gladiator

although the original dvd of ‘gladiator’ had some flaws (scratches) i managed to rip the whole disc with dvd decrypter.
the movie was playing good except two scenes which had problem but win dvd could pass these points of damged video and continue normally.then i tried to transcode the files with dvd2one but my efforts resulted in failure. i used dvd2one 1.2.0 but it kept stopping in the first of the damaged points of the movie.
is there any possible way to trancode these files i have ripped with dvd2one or (if anyone knows so) any other dvd transcoder?
why as far as dvd decrypter managed to read finally and rip the corrupted files dvd2one couldn’t read it? is there any solution in backing up damaged dvd’s even with any of the flaws concluded?
waiting for an answer

When I’ve had issues with scratched dvd’s, I have noticed it’ll work better to rip from my burner (usually I use a dvd-rom). Seems to error-correct better.
Failing that, I’d try one of the rubbing-compound/restore kits for damaged disks…