Problem in reading DVD-ROM booktype discs

I am using the 451s DVDR drive,
I found it only cannot read those DVD-ROM booktype discs which were burned by itself. other booktype it can read normally.

Those DVD-ROM booktype discs can be read by any other DVD drive.

it’s a very strange problem, can anybody help me?

(i’ve try to flash the drive w/ all possible firmware, such as, 451s@851s, 451s@832s)

What disc type? Maybe the writing quality is crap so it can’t read the produced disc…

Also know that your burner will always see it the orginal format of the disc as a +R. You will need to use Kprobe —Disc Info to see if the booktype is set to DVD-ROM


all the disc changed to DVD-ROM booktype cannot be read by the burner,
such as, CMC MAGF01, MCC 003, VDSPMSAB001

but these disc can be read by my pioneer DVD-ROM and my LG DVDRW.

i think it’s not related to the writing quality because it also can’t read the disc produced by my LG DVDRW drive.

do u think it’s related to EEPROM?

i have checked the disc is changed to DVD-ROM booktype.
if the booktype is DVD-ROM, the drive cannot read them

if the booktype is DVD+R, DVD+RW, it can read it!

Hmmm well that is nice. What firmware do you have on the burner?


i am now using 451s@851s GS0K patched by codeguys.

Flashing your drive to another model sometimes produces unexpected results. :frowning:
You may want to try flashing back to a 451S to see if the drive can read DVD+R discs with a DVD-ROM booktype when using original firmware…

I have already changed back to original firmware, but the problem still exist!!!
What can i do?

Do you have an orginal backup of your EEprom? Also I had a 451S that started getting weird on me but the codeguys firmware :bow: :bow: :bow: (along with an EEprom flash) resurrected my drive!!!


Try some really DVD-ROM in your bunner, if it couldn’t be read, it could be some problem related to your bunner

Yes, i have backup my EEPROM, but how to use it?
is it use the EEPROM Utility?
and which option did you use?

would u mind telling me the instructions?
thank you!!!