Problem in quality after back up

For the past week i’ve been triyng to make a back up copy of “ice age” for my kid and it just dont work. I try using Any dvd with clone dvd, all seem ok, it play well on my computer but as soon as i put it on my dvd player, the movie start and then it freeze after a couple of minute, i see small square appearing in the video…same thing if i try it with any dvd and dvd shrink… is it something i do wrong or is it my dvd player thats too crappy ? It’s a panasonic…


I ask as some players are picky about the media they will play. Poor media can give poor results. Even if it plays fine on the PC there’s a lot more resources in a PC than in a standard dVD player.

also please post as much information as possible

what versions of the programs mentioned are you using?

what brand/mdel of burner ar eyou using?

what’s the media ID code of your blank discs? (can be found on the disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed)

what is the rated speed of your media and what speed did you set clonedvd2 to burn at?

also if you know the model of your standalone dvd player you can check it’s compatibility at or post it here and someone can help you out I’m sure.

the more info the better!

Version of any dvd,
Version of dvd shrink,
Can you be more specific about the media id code ?
I’m using memorex dvd-r 16x, i burn at 16x.

My dvd is a panasonic dvd-rv32

Hope this help

to find the media id code download nero cd-dvd speed and insert a blank disc. then click on the “disc info” tab and tell us what it said under “media id”

memorex is very unpredictable media. your media code probably will denote that you’re using poor quality media.

you haven’t specified what burner or firmware you have. sometimes a firmware update will help improve burns on poor quality media if your firmware isn’t already up to date.

sometimes slowing down the burn speed will also help. I would suggest 12x or 8x on the crappy media.

ultimately, the best solution is to obtain quality media. taiyo yuden and verbatim are the most recommended on this forum. TYs can be found online at among other outlets, and verbatim can be found in most stores (and will be on sale at best buy starting tomorrow)

i would look for a firmware update and slow down your burn speed. if these don’t work I would switch to better media. sometimes you can get lucky with memorex, but they’re problem is that they outsource to whomever is cheapest that hour. they have more different manufacturers than i have underwear (and i’m a 21 year old girl with a victoria’s secret credit card ;))

get some reliable media and I promise your problems will disappear!