Problem in LG GSA-5163D


I bought GSA-5163D three months before, it was working fine. I have burned many CDs. Now i am facing a problem with the burner, its detecting DVD but not CD. The peculiar thing is its not detecting even the LG driver CD which i used for initial installation. Can anyone please help me in fixing this problem?


This sounds like a problem with laser alignment. It happened with my Plextor, which I had to RMA three times. Many dvd writers have problems like this, because the way cd’s are written is different from dvd’s. You may have to RMA your drive. It should be under guarantee.

Maybe I’m lucky for not having run into such a thing in any of the 30+ DVD writers I’ve had. Return and get a replacement, easy solution, if you are sure it can’t read CDs anymore.

I should mention that with ‘many dvd writers have problems like this’ I mean to say that this specific problem has been reported for a number of different brands and models over the years. I have no idea how high the percentage of affected drives is.
But if you are unlucky, percentages do not have much meaning…

Thanks for your replies, I have raised concern to LG customer service to replace the burner. Hope i will get the positive feedback from them soon.