Problem in iPod converter version

I did a dvd rip (ALIAS season 5) to harddisk with dvdfab platinum and choose english audio and portuguese subtitle only.
Then I open dvdfab again to convert to iPod. I can’t choose the portuguese subtitle. I choose but dvdfab is not loading the subtitle during encoding.

Maybe this problem occurs when you rip the DVD to hard disk in Customize mode with only one subtitle. Then when you do a convert to iPod from the dvd ripped, DVD fab can’t select the subtitle.

I am doing other tests to found if this problem occurs in other situations.

No, I was wrong. DVD Fab can’t set any subtitle from a DVD ripped in hard disk. However conversion directly from DVD is OK.

hi, acrespo

I will test it and hope can fix you problem …

I did more tests. When you rip DVD in customize mode and don’t touch on subtitles, I can select any subtitles from ripped DVD in iPod conversion but if I change anything (delete some subtitles) then I can’t select the subtitles. This occuring even if I rip DVD with CloneDVD and delete subtitles too, then use DVD Fab to iPod convert.