Problem in installing Nero Premium

I installed Nero 7 Premium with InCD. After reboot, both my Toshiba DVD reader and NEC DVD burner were not recognised by Windows.

So, I did a thorough cleanup of Nero 7 by uninstalling the product and removing all references of Ahead, Nero and InCD using the Registry Cleaning feature of jv16 PowerTools 2006. I also used a Windows Explorer search in order to delete all those references from all files on the system. The two optical readers reappeared at reboot.

I then tried to install Nero Premium in this “clean” environment. During the process, it asked me whether I wanted the installation process to remove all existing items. I answered yes, it apparently did so and rebooted afterwards. The installation process did not resume automatically. So I launched it manualyy and after a while, I got successive messages from InCD Reader stating that An error had occurred during the installation of the “shared.txt” item. Always the same message, five or six times to which I kept on clicking on OK.

I never got to the point where I have to enter my CD key or Choose the options I want.

I did another thorough cleanup and moved back to Nero which works perfectly without InCD Reader after a no-problem installation.

Does anyone know what this “shared.txt” from InCD Reader is all about?

You are be better off if not to bother with InCD just do clean install Nero without Incd.

That is just my point. I am unable to install Nero at all. I don’t even reach the stage where the options are displayed. There appears to be items linked to previously installed InCD still hanging around despite my cleaning.