Problem in changing DW1640 firmware to Plextor



have a problem: I want to flash the firmware of my DW1640 to get a Plextor PX-716A. Because I have it in an external enclosure (with a Genesys chipset) I can’t burn any DVDs, although CDs are no problem.
Plextor upgrade software doesn’t work, says the .bin files are not valid. RPC1 flasher is only for Benq .cvt files… so what to do?



You cant crossflash a 1640 to a PX-716A they are different drives, the PX-740A is the rebadge of the 1640 but its firmware comes from BenQ anyway.

If you really want the 740A firmware open the firmware.exe in a program like WinRAR and you will see the .cvt file inside it.