Problem in burning image to DVD



Hello I’m a newbie in burning images, and I’m having a weird problem. I’ve searched for sollution everywhere but I can’t find it. I’m trying to burn a Game ISO into a DVD. But when insert a blank DVD-R into the driver but It seems it can’t identify it. I can read any DVD, but I can’t write into a recordable DVD.

It says: “No disc” in any burner (PowerISO, Nero, Alcohol 120) Here’s a screenshot:

But I can read any DVD that is not recordable. I used to be able to burn DVDs, but since my computer got a new memory and a new box I can’t.

If anyone can help me.


Might try this:


If the drive isn’t recognising the blank disc to burn, this may help also:

Go into Alcohol’s settings, then find an option called “Ignore Media Type” - make sure this is not checked, and try again. :wink:

Of course, the problem may be down to PowerISO, which I’m less familiar with.


Ok I just noticed it isn’t reading any DVDs
Only reading CD-ROM :X
Any help?


Did you try adjusting the Alcohol settings?