Problem in Accessing PC share from XBox

Hi ,

I have a Xbox with XMBC installed and its connected to my Netgear router and i have a laptop connected wirelessly to the router and a Desktop connected vial lan Cable when i try to FTP xbox from my both computer it works very fine . i have a share folder in desktop and a Share folder in Laptop when i try to access the share i go to Workgroup SMB share in Xbox i can only see a folder named workgroup and inside workgroup i can see my laptop>share but i am bot able to see the share from desktop there . but i can access the desktop share from laptop easily can anyone help me how to fix this ?

My network : Netgear router ,Xbox(connected via router),Home PC (connected via Router) ,laptop (connected via router Wireless)

  1. i can access Xbox thru ftp:// from HomePC and Laptop
    2.I can access Laptop share from Xbox
    3.I can access HomePC share from Laptop

but…I cant access Homepc share from Xbox

any help is highly appreciated !