Problem imaging Grunge, Region 1 - USA

Running CLoneDVD and AnyDVD Disc scan stops at 63%. Deleting title 8, as recommended in a previous thread, didn’t work - scan stops at 61%. Disc appears to play fine on DVD player and doesn’t appear to be damaged. Any suggestions?

Excuse me … movie is the Grudge.

Search old posts with the correct name of the movie :slight_smile:

thanks Goudo-
Did check previous posts - appeared that file size issue was addressed in beta version ( and incorporated into current version of CloneDVD. Anybody still having problems or is it likely just a bad disk?

Must be a bad disk. Had no trouble once they fixed the file size issue.

thanks. I’ll have to see about returning for a new one - is inability to create a backup copy a valid reason for return?

No :slight_smile:
But maybe it “freezes and skips” on your player?
Try ripping with DVD Decrypter V3.5.4.0 before deciding.