Problem half way through

I am new at this , when I backed up a movie for myself using dvdxcopy plat. it seems to do alright and about an hour into movie it starts to freeze and than it is unplayable. I have disabled my taskbar things but do I need to do other things that I don’t see.Could it be the recorder is getting to hot . I have now tried it with a couple of others now and they all do the same, I am running 2500+ amd with 512mem and all the goodies. 4 fans in all. The couple I have did now all seem to freeze 45 minutes into movie. Thanks

The most common cause for this is probably crappy media.
Look around these boards (search) for your DVD burner and learn to buy decent media.

So basically I am saying to try a better media and see if that helps. :iagree:

Is what your saying is don’t be cheap on the media, these are the cheapest ones i could find (starmedia) about 1 dollar a piece.I will try to get the maxells tommorrow. I was thinking that the burner was getting to hot but if I did 2 in a row the same thing was happpening. Oh well live and learn ,we needed some coasters anyways.

Thanks for the tip, about the media type, I went out and got some maxell-r and it works no problem and also the burn time was cut down about 30 minutes, Thanks again ,I wonder what I should do with the 20 cheap ones now.

Send it to Ssseth :wink: