Problem getting video files onto a DVD


Sorry if this is a stupid question but im really struggling.

I am trying to burn a tv series which i have downloaded onto a dvd, and although the size of the files is less than that of the DVD i cant them on as the time of the videos is much longer than allowed on the dvd (120 mins i believe), is there any way i can get around this, i have access to Nero and amiersoft dvd studio pack, as well as 7zip if that would help.

Any help wud b appreciated


I’m not sure I understand your problem. You say you downloaded the TV series onto a DVD but can’t get them on… On what? Let’s forget about the time and look at the “size” of the files and what format they are in. So, are these on a DVD or on your hard drive? Can you determine what size they are and what file extension they have?

sorry no i didnt download them onto dvd, there on my hard drive and im trying to get them onto a dvd. they are .avi files there is 11 files and theyare all about 349mb

Are you going to view these files on your TV?
Is your standalone player DivX certified?
What programs are you using?

Yeah hoping to watch them through my dvd player on tv and it is divX certified i have nero smart start and amiersoft DVD studio and also 7zip if it needs compressing, although im not sure that that is the right program to do that.

If u no of any better programs can u let me no as im new to this kind of thing

You can use Nero to burn a [B]data[/B] disc.