Problem Getting a LG GH20LS15 to burn CD-R's at 48X

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH20NS10. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello Everyone;
This is a long story so I will try to shorten it!
I just purchased a LG SATA burner model SH20LS15. The item came in a box (Not Retail) with no cables etc. just a bare drive.
My logic board a ASRocK has 3-SATA ports, 2 of which are SATA-1 the other a single SATA-2 port. I am presently am running the 2-SATA Seagate drives on the SATA 1 connectors so I installed this new DVD drive on the SATA 2 connector.
The new drive works but will only write CD-R’s at 8X, it writes DVD’s at 8X and CD-RW’s at 4X.
On this system I have a 2-year old Lite-On IDE DVD drive which writes at: 48X Cd-Rom write, 4X CD-RW write, 8X DVD write.

I have tried changing the SATA cabling to one of the SATA-1 connector and the drives writing speed did not change. In the BIOS I changed from IDE to SATA but there was no change in writing speed.
The one thing I did notice was in the MB BIOS I could not see the LG DVD drive using DMA, where as the Lite-ON IDE DVD drive does. Could be something related to this?

OK, now you know the problems here is additional information about my System:
I am using Windows XP Pro running SP-3
My system contains the following:
ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard c/w Athlon 4000+ CPU
2- 512 MB of KingMax (Super Ram DDR400)
EVGA NiVidia GeForce 7600GT (CO) 256mb Video Card
19” LG W1952TQ-PF LCD Monitor
2- Seagate ST3160811AS 160 GB SATA Hard Drives
LiteOn SHW-160P6S DVD Drive
Microsoft Keyboard and Microsoft PS2 Compatible Mouse
500 Watt Power Supply
Plus other miscellaneous items like scanner, sound card, printer etc.

If someone could assist it would be gratefully appreciated. :clap:

I am posting a reply to my query in case others may see this problem developing on there own system.

I did further testing and found that different media gives different write speeds for the LG SH20LS15 writer. So part of my question is answered.

The other part that remains is why does a Lite-On SHW-160P6S DVD Drive which is two years old burn CD-R’s faster than a brand new LG SH20LS15 writer? I have two thoughts on this, it could be a chip set and or driver related problem or it could be a SATA related problem as the older LG drive has an IDE interface.
LG does however state in there marketing material that this drive will burn CD=R’s at 48X.