Problem flashing verbatim 52x to liteon

i bought a verbatim 52x from best buy

trying to flash it to liteon

when i use mktflash, it says Firmware version: type unknown or something like that and when trying either reading or writing, it just freezes at 00%.

im fairly certain its a lite-on, as i have a 40x lite-on and the verbatim is physically identical in almost every way


Does it have the 68S1 firmware on it right now? If so, then it’s a Lite-ON. You can use this Windows Flasher to convert it to a LTR-52246S with the 6S0A firmware.

i dont know. device manager shows it as a verbatim, and liteon windows flasher refuses to flash it



I wondered about that drive myself, I believe it was Best Buy that had those drives on sale the other week for a good price. Are you sure that it is a Lite-On though? Does any of the documentation that came with it say anything about Smartburn buffer underrun protection (the exterior of the box that came with my memorex had this written on it, if you still have the Verbatim box, does it say)? That is the tell tale sign that it is a litey.

If you threw away the box…
Run Nero InfoTool on it and check the firmware.
If it’s 4-character numbers/letters mixed it’s a LiteON.

when i try to run nero info tool a window pops up for half a second and then the program crashes or something… disappears :slight_smile:

the drive is physically identical to my 40x liteon, i dont see how it could not be a liteon


the box doesnt say anything about smartburn, just talks about buffer underrun protection


If it is shown as a “Verbatim 522452AL” in device manager, then it’s a Lite-ON. Otherwise it is probably an Asus.

thats exactly what it says in device manager



someone tipped me off to try the /c modifier to unlock the ‘winbond’? chip. this allowed to flawlessly and successfully read and write the firmware.

unfortunately, after updating to liteon firmware, the drive is no longer detected as connected on bootup (bios just hangs trying to detect it, then gives up). the drive light stays perpetually on, and i cant open the tray. i made a backup of the original firmware. reverting to original firmware does nothing: drive is still not detected, light stays on, nothing works

HELP :frowning:


What firmware version was on it?

i dont know, it was a verbatim!?


this is amazingly frustrating. no one has any ideas? i just tried flashing to latest liteon firmware… flashing was flawless, drive is still useless


woooooooooo! on someone’s advice, i downloaded and tried version 1.55 which worked great! i didnt even have to use the /c switch. the second the update was complete, the drive started working, didnt even have to restart. thanks a lot! newer version isnt always the best it seems :slight_smile: i now have a Lite-on :slight_smile: