Problem Flashing DVR-108 to ver 1.14

Just bought this drive and it came with firmware version 1.10. Tried to upgrade to version 1.14 but get message:

disc is inserted into DVD-RW
Please eject a disc
0drive (s) have been updated successfully

I’m using the firmware right from Pioneer"s website “DVR108_FW114EU”

Currently have this drive setup as my Master on Secondary IDE with a Pioneer DVD-ROM 106 as the slave.

Assuming this is a legit post, Have you actually read what the error message says?.

Of course. There is no disk in the drive.

Got the same problem here - Pioneer was not able to find the cause of the problem so I had to move the drive to another computer to flash it.

What is your computer specs?

Yes this seems to be a bug in the pioneer firmware updater.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
Asus P4T533-C (Intel 850E) ACPI BIOS Revision 1010, 2/27/2003 (latest and last
Intel P4 2.66 GHz 533MHz FSB, 512K Cache (Northwood)
768MB Dual channel 1066 MHz Rambus
WD 160GB Hard Drive, 8mb Cache
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-108
Pioneer DVD-ROM DVD-106
(Backpack) NEC DVD+RW ND-1100A USB 2.0
ATI Radeon 9500 PRO 128MB, AGP 4X, Catalyst Ver 4.8
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card
Antec Case, Enermax 430 watt PS

Yep - it seesm like it may be something with XP SP2 in combination with the intel IDE driver.

I had to remove the official SP2 from my computer as it messed the lot up. Couldn’t burn disks, no internet connection programs running slow etc. Microsoft support blamed my computer.
Interestingly though, the last beta version prior to the official release works perfectly.

There is no problem with the drive from i can tell so far. I have burned 2 DVD+R 8x (Memorex) disc’s, at 16x and 8x. Burned with Nero 6 Ultra with the latest updates, played both back for a few mins on my computer with no problems. I just wanted to update to the latest firmware, hopefully Pioneer will get wind of this and fix it. Any other suggestions?

Have you tried using a dos boot disk and flashing outside of windows and outside of the Intel drivers?

I bet this would work.

I bet you are using anydvd right? Uninstall anydvd and try again. Tell me what happens. I was having same problem with my 108.

What is anyDVD? I use Power DVD for playback.

I was able to finally flash this drive to firmware ver 1.14. Booted up with a dos boot disk as Stingerman suggested, i had already copied the contents of the firmware to an empty floppy and then just ran “UPGDVD.EXE” and it worked. Downloaded the DeviceInfo.exe from Pioneer website and it confirmed firmware is 1.14. Thanks for all the help dudes…