Problem flashing 1213S to 1633S

I have a 1213S and tried to upgrade it to a 1633S with the firmware from codeguy’s site. The flashing appeared to work, and after rebooting, Device Manager recognized it as a 1633S, but the drive wouldn’t read any disks – if I inserted a disk, the drive would spin up and the external light would flash continuously, and it kept spinning and flashing until I ejected the disk. If I tried to access the disk during that time, Windows would tell me to insert a disk in the drive.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with this kind of upgrade? Did you find a solution?

a 12X Drive is a 12X and a 16X is a 16X
Why do you risk to damage your Drive with wrong Firmware?
When you compare 12X Speed to 16X Speed with some Luck
and a good Disc you will win 1min by Writing a complete DVDR!
But you see you have not win a Minute, you lost your Drive…

Try to reflash your Drive with a correct (for 1213S Drive) Firmware.

Good Luck!!

I have already flashed it back to 1213S. But the reason I tried to upgrade is that the 1213S out-of-the-box doesn’t produce very good burns. (If I had found this forum before I bought it, I would have bought something else.) And others in this forum have been able to flash the 1213S to the 1633S without problems

it IS possible to uprade 1233s to 1633s since they’re internally the same drives. it’s just the firmware that makes the difference.

you must run the 1633s firmware (e.g. BS0G) through omnipatcher to enable crossflashing and fix dead drive blink.

Thanks for replying, chok0 – but I did use Omnipatcher and I’m pretty sure that I did check the checkboxes for crossflashing and the dead drive blink. And I’ve tried it more than once. I’ll give it another shot and make absolutely sure that I enable crossflashing and fixing the dead drive blink.

I had the same issue with my 812/832 when I first started using Omnipatcher. My problem was I was not resaving the firmware after I clicked the crossflashing and autobitset…(I was just exiting). Make sure you resave the firmware to a new name and use that new exe version to flash with. Also make sure your using the latest version of Omnipatcher.

Well, I must have not been paying attention to what I was doing before, because I tried it again from the beginning – running the 1633S firmware through the latest Omnipatcher, making sure that the various checkboxes were checked, and making sure I saved it with a new name – and then I flashed the drive. It worked this time!

I haven’t tried burning anything with it yet, but it can read disks and there’s no more blinking, so this is a major step forward.

Thanks, Jamos and chok0, for responding and for encouraging me to try it again.